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Family & Criminal Defense Lawyer in Fort Stockton, TX

The Law Office of Laura A. Carpenter is a trusted provider of Family Law and Criminal Defense service in Fort Stockton, TX. Are you facing a legal issue? We can help.

Tough in Court. Honest with You.

Navigating the legal system, especially when children are involved, can be stressful and daunting. You need tough yet honest representation to help you overcome your legal issues with ease to achieve the peace of mind you deserve. That's where we come in.

At The Law Office of Laura A. Carpenter, we provide fierce and effective representation, so you don't have to face your situation alone. We take an honest and compassionate approach, doing everything with your best interests in mind.

About The Law Office of Laura A. Carpenter

Laura Carpenter is the leading Family Law and Criminal Defense attorney at The Law Office of Laura A. Carpenter. She is known for being tough in the courtroom while taking a compassionate, personal approach to her clients.

At our firm, we've helped countless individuals and families across Texas with a range of legal issues. We'll help you navigate the legal system with confidence to ensure what's best for you and your family.

Fort Stockton, TX Family Law Services

Family relationships can be strained enough, but going through a divorce or child custody battle can weigh on your heart and mind. This is a critical time where your decisions can have lasting effects on you and your family.

At The Law Office of Laura A. Carpenter, we're here to help you resolve complicated legal matters, minimize emotional strain, and protect your assets. Our experienced attorneys are equipped to address a range of familial issues, from divorce to child custody to child support enforcement.


Deciding to split with a spouse is often difficult and ripe with stress, tension, and, often, heartache. Emotions can get in the way and make it difficult to make the best decisions for yourself and your children. We're here to offer representation that serves your best interests and works to settle on a fair agreement between all parties.

Divorce Mediation

Sometimes reaching an equitable agreement with an ex-spouse is easier said than done. If you need more legal "elbow grease" on your side, we are here to advocate for you. Our goal is to consider the needs of you and your children while working with all attorneys to reach a fair agreement. We aim to make this process as stress-free as possible. Child Custody

When children are involved, it's even more critical to have the right lawyer on your side. You want to reach a child custody arrangement that puts your children's needs first. We're here to handle your case with compassion, skill, and professionalism. We push hard for a positive outcome for you and your children.

Child Support Modification

Life circumstances change, so often your child support agreement will too. There are many situations in which a modification to your agreement may be necessary. We'll help you make important decisions regarding these modifications and ensure it's enforced by all parties involved.


Unfortunately, simply having a child support or custody agreement in place won't always be enough to ensure someone sticks to it. If you are running into issues with your ex following court orders, it's time to hire a Fort Stockton family law attorney. We'll help you navigate this process to avoid future conflict and protect the interests of your family.


In cases where the biological father's identity is in question, it may be necessary to request a paternity test. This can apply to child custody disputes and child support. We work with clients on either side – whether filing or defending a paternity action – to ensure what's best for all parties while putting the children's needs first.


Are you looking to adopt a child? While this is an exciting time, it's not without its legal challenges. We help take the stress out of the adoption process by ensuring everything goes smoothly, protecting your interests, and preventing future conflicts with biological parents or agencies.

Domestic Violence

Victims of domestic violence should know that the law is on their side. No one deserves to face this alone. Reach out to us, and we will do all we can to achieve the justice you deserve, protect your assets, and keep your children's best interests at heart.

Criminal Law Services

Are you looking for a Fort Stockton criminal defense lawyer? The Law Office of Laura A. Carpenter provides Criminal Defense legal services in addition to Family Law services. We'll work to defend your case and advocate for the best outcome for you.

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Family & Criminal Defense Law in Fort Stockton, Texas

For over 20 years, we've helped individuals and families overcome a range of legal issues – from divorce to child custody disputes to criminal cases. We are confident we can help you navigate this trying time with ease and confidence.

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