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Laura Carpenter

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Family Law & Criminal Defense Attorney

“Law is like a war. You have small battles along the way – and we might not win them all – but with my help, we can win the war.” – Laura Carpenter

About Laura

Laura Carpenter is the head Family Law and Criminal Defense attorney and founder at The Law Office of Laura A. Carpenter in Odessa, Texas.

With over 20 years of experience representing clients in the Odessa and Midland areas, she has earned the reputation of being a determined yet compassionate attorney. With a “tell it like it is” attitude, she works fearlessly to land her clients the best results possible.

Honesty. Integrity. Guidance. Justice.

Going through a stressful criminal case or family dispute is never easy. It can be a struggle both emotionally and financially. That’s why attorney Laura Carpenter works tirelessly to advocate for her clients, guide them through the legal process, and find justice for their case.

Above all, Laura values honesty with her clients. In working with her, you can expect the facts – whether good or bad – about your situation. It may not always be what you want to hear, but taking a realistic look at the information allows her to determine the best approach in your case.


Laura is ethical and takes the truth seriously. There’s no causing a battle just for the sake of earning money from a client. She only takes something on if she believes you can win.

In working with her clients, Laura hopes to be able to teach them something about themselves or about life in general that will lead them to success.

Winning a case is about more than landing a settlement; it’s about security, justice, peace of mind, and moving toward a better future.

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