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Odessa, Texas Child Custody

Need help with child custody? Hire our experienced child custody attorney in Odessa, Texas to help you.

Trusted Child Custody Attorney in Odessa, Texas

Child Custody in Texas

Also referred to as conservatorship in Texas, child custody refers to the process in which an adult requests to establish the residency of a child and get child support.

Our child custody lawyers in Odessa, Texas can help you build a solid custody case that protects your little ones.

Work with Our Child Custody Lawyer in Odessa, Texas

Going through a divorce is tough, especially when children are involved. Issues like conservatorship and child support come to the forefront, making your case more complex.

With child custody, you must consider both the physical and legal custody of the child. Physical custody deals with where your child resides while legal custody involves your decision-making process regarding your child’s education preferences, religious practices, and more. To ensure that you get a fair arrangement that represents your child’s best interest, you should contact our Odessa Texas child custody attorney.

We handle child custody cases to achieve the best possible outcome while protecting your child’s interest and conserving your parental rights. Our child custody lawyers will review your custody recommendations and identify your children’s preferences to devise a custom plan of custody for your children.

Who is an Unfit Parent in Texas?

According to Texas law, a parent is deemed unfit when they will not or cannot provide the conditions necessary for a child to maintain good emotional, mental, and/or physical health. These unsafe conditions could be due to a range of issues including physical abuse, substance abuse, emotional abuse, criminal behavior, child neglect, and more.

To accuse a parent or a guardian of being unfit, you need to carefully collect the evidence documenting patterns of abuse and/or neglect. Our skilled and aggressive child custody lawyers in Odessa, TX can help you either collect or rebut evidence – depending on your circumstances.

How is Child Custody Determined in Texas?

Each Parent's Relationship with the Children

In Texas, the court doesn’t favor the mother or the father in child custody proceedings. It considers the relationship you have with your child. You must show dedication to parenting. The judge will take time to evaluate your parenting relationship with your child before making a decision.

Age of the Child

Once your child reaches the age of 12, the court can consider their wish as to whom they want to live with. Keep in mind that the closer the child gets to 16, the more weight their wish holds in the court of law. But according to Texas law, this can’t be the sole factor in determining conservatorship.

Each Parent's Willingness to Support the Co-Parenting Situation

The state knows how vital each parent is for the growth of the child. This is why you need to cooperate with the parenting schedule. The most cooperative parent can have an edge over the custody dispute. But if you in way interfere with visitations or interactions between the co-parent and your children, you may have a hard time in court.

Each Parent's Living Situation

Your living situation can affect whether you win custody or not. For the best possible footing for your custody case, you should have your own home where the children can have their own rooms. If you live closer to the co-parent, you may get orders or an agreement where you and the co-parent can be given equal time with the children.

Mental and Physical Health of Children and Parent

Custody proceedings take into great consideration the health and safety of the child. You need to prove that you can are in the position to take care of your child and keep them safe. The court will look at aspects like your mental health as a parent or if you have special needs. These evaluations can determine who will have full-time or partial custody. Also if your child has special needs or suffers from mental illness, the court will identify the parent with the best ability to take care of the child.

Allocation of Child Custody Rights and Duties

The court usually uses the premise “best interest of the child” to determine how to allocate the rights and duties between parents. It’ll look like factors like the physical, psychological, and emotional needs of your child. This ensures the children have access to the best possible environment to grow up.

Get Aggressive Child Custody Representation in Odessa, TX

At the Law Office of Laura A. Carpenter, we take the time to know your story, custody recommendations, and goals. This helps us create tailored strategies for your custody case that brings lasting solutions to your family problems. Our lawyers understand that emotions run high when children are involved. This is why we will walk with you every step of the way and help you make the best decisions for you and your children.

The Best Interest of Your Child is Our Priority

With over 20 years of experience, our child custody attorney has helped countless Texas clients to get the best outcome of their custody cases. We help you navigate the legal process of conservatorship every step of the way. Our priority is to get you the results you want and the justice you deserve. This is why our child custody attorney advocates for you tirelessly with your child’s best interests at heart.

For all your child custody claims, The Law Office of Laura A. Carpenter is here to represent you.

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